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UX Delta - User experience strategy, design and prototyping.

Hello, my name is Revi Körnmann, digital product designer with over 20 years of experience in a wide variety of industries. I gather insights, map out customer journeys, build prototypes and validate with users to explore strategic directions and deliver a scalable product vision. At the same time I’m passionate about creating Design Systems with Figma and to deliver pixel perfect UI specifications for iOS, Android and web.

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In 2005 I started using Adobe InDesign to create hard copy interaction design documents. After a while this paper process was replaced by a combination of Sketch, Invision, Axure, Abstract and Zeplin. And then Figma came around, a cloud based, cross platform alternative that makes all the above obsolete (except for Axure). I’ve been using Figma since 2018 and have become an expert in creating Design System components with nested variants and properties.


  • Strategic UX design by rapid prototyping and customer validation
  • Mobile-first, ready to build UI design for responsive web, iOS and Android
  • Cross-platform Design System documentation
  • A/B test design proposals for Conversion Rate Optimisation
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